About Us

Chebe Embassy

As the founder of Chebe Embassy, we will continue to devote much of our time towards ensuring the supply of the best of the best of the organic products needed by women globally for healthy and luxurious hair and elimination of receding edges and Alopecia.

Chebe Embassy is headquartered in Lagos Nigeria, West Africa.

About Us

Chebe Embassy founded her natural haircare brand in the year 2018.It has since become a global and household haircare brand celebrated for its natural approach towards haircare formulation, distribution of organic Chebe powder, Ayurvedic powders needed for healthy hair growth and organic haircare and skincare raw materials.

Chebe Embassy now offers range of natural haircare products ,Ayurvedic powders, natural-oils,(carrier & essentials), natural butters, Chebe powder, and has succeeded in establishing itself as the leader of Chebe Powder distributors, in the organic haircare products and Ayurvedic products